Commercial Government and Industrial Disputes

At Kinberg & Associates, LLC we represent clients in construction law and litigation ranging from complex federal projects to basic home remodeling. Our lead attorney, Edward J. Kinberg, is Board Certified as an expert in construction law and is a Fellow in the National Contract Management Association. He has been practicing government contract law, business law and construction law since 1986.

Mr. Kinberg has represented contractors involved in major construction projects such as, involving the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, installation of the six mile long jet fuel pipeline at Eglin Air Force Base and construction of a rotary wing hanger at a United States Coast Guard station in Opa Locka, Florida. The firm’s commercial and industrial cases involve construction of office buildings, storage facilities and government projects. Our residential cases range from construction of small remodeling projects to large custom homes.

While the scope of the various projects for which we have provided legal representation has a broad range, in our experience, there are several common themes in construction disputes:

  • failure of the contractor to resolve ambiguities and/or mistakes in project drawings and specifications before submitting a bid or proposal;
  • failure to review contract terms and conditions before signing the contract and to negotiate, to the extent possible, terms that are overly strict;
  • failure of one or more parties to fully understand the contract requirements, which include the drawings, specifications and terms and conditions;
  • changes in, or variances from, the strict contract requirements without creating a written record as to the nature of the change, the cost of the change and the impact of the change on the contract schedule;
  • signing partial releases of lien without reserving rights in regard to changes made prior to the execution of the release;
  • failure to document impacts on the project cost or time of performance at the time the impact occurs;
  • waiting until the work is complete to claim additional time or money due to change or other impacts caused by one of the parties to the contract;
  • poor communication.

At Kinberg & Associates, LLC we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in clarifying pre-bid issues, interpreting contract requirements during the course of performance, preparing and pursuing claims, and representing you in a lawsuit, mediation or arbitration.