Mediation and Arbitration

We believe most disputes can be resolved by meaningful discussions between the parties. While it may be tempting to file suit and ask questions later, lawsuits are always time consuming, expensive and frustrating. It is our experience that even the most complex disputes can be resolved by good faith discussions assisted by a neutral mediator.

Mr. Kinberg is a Certified Mediator and a Qualified Arbitrator in the state of Florida. In addition to providing legal services to individuals and businesses through his law firm, Mr. Kinberg provides mediation and arbitration services. He brings his experience in mediation and arbitration to his law practice by constantly looking to resolve disputes quickly and avoid protracted litigation.

Our unique combination of mediation and litigation skills allows us to provide a wide range of cost effective methods for resolving your dispute. When litigation cannot be avoided, we are prepared to aggressively defend your position in court.

Frequently Asked Questions